In addition to providing online tutoring, ATutor offers a variety of communication tools. This includes chat rooms, discussion forums, and the User’s Online tool. Students can communicate with each other in shared and community forums. They can sort and subscribe to topic threads. Students can also search and filter the available courses. They can also subscribe to specific threads and edit forum posts for a certain number of minutes. Students can also communicate with their instructor or network contacts.

Course backup manager

The ATutor course backup manager enables instructors to restore a previous version of a course. Courses are archived on the ATutor server and are also backed up locally. A course backup can be used as a master for future sessions or to migrate the course to a different computer. Instructors can also use a backup to populate a new course. Here’s a detailed look at how to use the course backup manager.

Course backups can be created using blank activities or from existing ones. Administrators can specify the default settings for course backups and lock or delete them after a specified period. If a course is deleted, it cannot be recovered without a backup. A tutor’s backup manager also allows users to easily view and restore course content in case of data loss. Unlike other backup tools, it doesn’t require any coding experience.

ATutor also includes a File Storage tool. This option allows users to store assignments and other course files in a secure, online location. Users can easily share files in ATutor, and it’s fully customizable with an option to create folders for individual files and folders. File Storage can also be used to store large files and is available to all students in a group. Additionally, ATutor can back up courses, and restore content if necessary.

Content authoring tools

ATutor has a built-in content authoring tool that makes it easy to write and format course materials without knowing HTML. The tool also includes prompts to add text alternatives and accessibility evaluations. This means that the authoring tool is fully accessible. In addition, ATutor itself is accessible. Hence, ATutor is a great choice for authors of all skill levels. However, there are still some limitations.

Using a good content authoring tool will save you a lot of time and money. Unlike hiring developers, you don’t have to know how to code to create a high-quality course. The authoring tools will allow you to do this yourself in a matter of minutes. The software is usually easy to use and navigate. It can even generate simple Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. However, some tools can also produce more complicated learning content.

Communication tools

ATutor offers a variety of communication tools to help teachers, students, and instructors interact with each other. These include discussion forums, chat rooms, private mail, and the ‘User’s Online’ tool. Other ATutor features include group projects and forums where students can collaborate on course projects. In forums, students can post questions or share resources. They can also subscribe to specific threads and edit forum posts. The community forum feature also lets students search through all the courses available.