Bludit CMS features allow users to create and manage their own blogs without writing any code. It supports HTML and Markdown and is extensible through plugins and themes. This means that you can make changes to your site whenever you wish. Some features allow you to change the look and feel of the site. Read on to learn more about these features. If you’re ready to start, download the free trial today and create your own blogs!

The Bludit CMS is a simple content management system that supports HTML code and Markdown. It supports multiple languages and is easy to install on Debian 9 (stretch). Using NGINX as your web server, Bludit CMS is supported by many major web hosts. In addition to these core features, Bludit CMS includes a host of additional features. Here’s a brief list of the most important ones.

Bludit CMS is free, open source, and uses JSON format files to store content. It doesn’t require any database configuration. It also features attractive themes and Markdown support. Bludit’s free templates make it easy to create a unique theme. However, it is not as flexible as some of its competitors. For instance, it lacks a menu editor, which is essential if you plan to integrate a blog. Despite these shortcomings, it’s still a popular option for novice webmasters and bloggers alike.

You only need PHP v5.3 or higher to use Bludit. It is easy to install and use, with a 1-click install, 1-click updates and backups, and a theme/plugins installer.

Bludit updates are frequent. Theme support is one of its most notable features. You can customize the default theme . In addition, you can install many plugins to change the look of your Bludit site.
Bludit CMS features security and privacy measures to make it a secure option for your content management system. The CMS is designed to protect its users from various types of attacks and vulnerabilities. This CMS also incorporates SEO tools that are important for improving its search engine and social network rankings. It also takes care of user privacy and does not use external resources for hosting.

Among the security features available in Bludit CMS is the ability to disable unauthorized access and prevent unauthorized users from viewing your website. You can prevent unauthorized access to your site by disabling cookies. You must also enable the Nginx service on your server, which runs at boot time. After enabling the Nginx service, you must change the configuration file to enable HTTPS. Then, you need to update your firewall to allow incoming HTTP requests. In addition, you can get a free HTTPS certificate from the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority.

In addition to free and open source, Bludit is also open source. If you’re interested in contributing to the project, you can join Bludit’s Patreon page. It is licensed under the MIT license.