In this CMS Made Simple tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a new template and edit pages in the admin console. We’ll also discuss how to add and remove pages from your site and recover your Admin password. Once you’ve completed these steps, you can start using CMS Made Simple.

Admin password recovery

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) versions 2.2.6 contain a vulnerability that allows attackers to reset the admin password. This vulnerability occurs through directory traversal sequences in the val parameter. To find out if you’re vulnerable, click the “Watch” button and subscribe to notifications. This will notify you if new vulnerabilities are disclosed in this version of CMS Made Simple.

We are creating a new template in CMSMS.

The first step in creating a new template in CMSMS is to select the template you want and then click Create. You will see a few options for the template, including a title, logo, and background color. You can also change the size and height of the header by using CSS.

CMSMS has different templates for different types of content. One of the most important templates is the Page Template. A page template provides the structure of a page. Other templates, such as call modules, can be added.

Editing pages in CMSMS admin console.

When editing pages in the CMS Made Simple admin console, there are several things to consider. You should determine who will be editing the page. You can grant editors different access levels, and you can limit their features. For instance, you can restrict users to only editing content, while others can edit the Options tab.

Creating a list of articles in CMSMS

Creating a list of articles is a relatively simple process with CMSMS. You can create a template, which contains placeholders, and then call external modules for additional functionality. Templates also contain Smarty tags, which make creating sub-templates easy. With the right configuration, templates can be converted to pages containing multiple style sheets. This makes CMSMS extremely easy to use and is very resource-efficient.

CMSMS is a powerful platform for creating and managing websites. Its base install allows users to create sophisticated sites quickly and easily, but several other extensions will enable users to extend the system’s functionality. You can often find these extensions on the CMS Made Simple official site, in the Developer’s Forge, or in the Module Manager. Another way to find extensions is to browse the Wiki or post your own in the CMS Made Simple forums.