You can install CMS Made Simple. Here are some steps to help you install the application.


Before installing CMS Made Simple on your website, you must ensure that your web host is compatible. The PHP files of CMS Made Simple should be uploaded to server in FTP binary mode because the PHP files contain compressed sections.

You’ll need to create an empty database if your server doesn’t have one. You can do this in your hosting’s admin panel. Be sure to have all the information ready; if anything is missing, you won’t be able to install CMS Made Simple. If you have trouble setting up the database, you can ask your hosting provider for help.

PHP version required

Depending on the version of PHP you are running on your server, you may be unable to install CMS Made Simple. In this case, you should consider updating your server to a more recent version. Once your server is updated, you can continue with the CMS Made Simple installation.

You must have a PHP version of at least 5.4.11 or higher. The system must also support PHAR and putenv. A temporary working directory must be present on the server.


CMS Made Simple is a software package that can be used to create a website for your business. You should first access the installation directory on your server to install the software. You must enter your database credentials, username, and password to access the CMS Made Simple admin panel.

You can install CMS Made Simple on a local server or remotely. The installer will check to see if an existing installation is available. If it does, you can choose to upgrade the current version of the CMS software or perform a fresh installation. When the installer is finished, it will report the steps it has performed.


CMS Made Simple comes with a web-based admin section where you can customize, add-on modules, and manage page content blocks. You can use the built-in templates and themes to create your site if you know HTML. Additionally, you can use Smarty tags to create dynamic elements.