After installing the SSL certificate, you can install the ATutor application on your site. To do this, you can search for atutor in your browser’s search bar. Once you have found it, click on the ATutor icon in the navigation pane. On the next page, click on the Choose Protocol option to choose between HTTP and https://. Alternatively, you can accept the default value. If you do not know what to do next, read the following articles.

Course creation

If you want to create a new online course, you’ll need to install ATutor on your computer. ATutor is a cloud-based LMS. It uses SCORM 1.2 and IMS 1.1.3 content packages. You can import the course content manually or use one of these formats. In addition, you can import your HTML files. Then, you can export these files as a learning object.

Student account creation

If you are creating a new student account, you will need to set up a login name for the student. ATutor will generate a login name based on the user’s first and last name. You can also choose a format for the username, such as period or underscore. Once the user has created their account, they will need to log in to their account using that login name. The process of creating a student account is pretty straightforward.

Importing of custom themes

You can use custom themes to personalize the look and feel of your ATutor installation. These themes can be set to display as a personal preference, or you can force them to display by enabling the “Theme Specific Categories” option in System Preferences. ATutor’s design separates presentation elements from code and logic, making it possible for you to create themes that are unique to your site. If you are an expert in XHTML and CSS, you can create custom themes and layouts for your ATutor installation.

Adding custom language

Before adding your custom language to ATutor, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the proper language packs. The old language will be removed during the upgrade. To prevent this, you can export your customized language and import it back into the new version. Sometimes, you might also wish to export the customized language before upgrading the software. Once the translation process is complete, you can import it back into the new version.

Reloading privilege tables

If you are having trouble installing ATutor, you should check to ensure that your MySQL account has been upgraded. Then, you should enter this account in the relevant field in Step 2. The installation script will insert the necessary ATutor tables. You should read the documentation carefully if you encounter any errors while installing ATutor.