If you want to use Subrion as a content management system for your website, you will need to install it on your server. Once the installation is complete, you can configure the application. You will need a username and password to log in to the administration area. This is where you can make a variety of changes, such as changing the database name or configuring automatic backups. However, back up your database infrequently, as frequent backups can eat up disk space.


To start using Subrion, you must install a web server and a database. The installation process is simple and is done through a wizard. First, you must set up an Admin Account consisting of a Username, Password, and Email address. You should create a strong password that will not be easily guessable by others. Afterward, you can view the Subrion home page.

Subrion is designed to run on any domain, including HTTPS domains. The installation process is simple. To install Subrion, simply download the software from the official Subrion website. After downloading, extract it into the public_html folder of your domain. After installing, you’ll need to configure the CMS by adding users and changing the root folder permissions.


Subrion includes built-in multilingual support. Select the appropriate back-end and front-end language to make your site accessible to people from different countries. If you cannot determine the language of a browser, the CMS will display the default language. You can change the language by entering the language code yourself in the settings.
Subrion comes with a very intuitive working interface. You can customize buttons, columns, and rows with comments. Additionally, you can customize meta information and create recurring subscriptions. Moreover, Subrion is fully Search engine optimized.

Subrion has excellent SEO functions and debugging tools. You can customize your site with the help of Subrion’s easy-to-navigate administration panel. You can also add custom functionality through plugins. Additionally, Subrion’s back-end is extremely user-friendly and allows you to track visitor activity in real time. This makes Subrion a powerful alternative to WordPress.
Installation on OpenShift

Subrion is similar to WordPress and Drupal. Its user-friendly interface doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge and allows you to quickly and easily build an essential web presence. Subrion is available on OpenShift as a free application. To install Subrion on OpenShift, first sign-up for a free account and click the “MY APPS” tab in the OpenShift console.