If you’re looking for a modern, secure, and search engine-friendly CMS for your website, then TYPO3 is an excellent choice. Whether creating an e-commerce website or a simple blog, TYPO3 can handle it all. Its 51+ languages make it easy to switch from your previous CMS or build a website from scratch. Furthermore, it’s compatible with all browsers and is a secure and stable platform.

TYPO3 is a stable and secure platform

TYPO3 is a highly stable and secure platform with extensive support and regular updates. Its secure and flexible rights management allows it to be easily adapted to any situation. Permissions can be set at user, group, and page levels. TYPO3 also includes sophisticated inheritance options, which make complex scenarios simpler. It was mainly developed and built in countries that prioritize data protection.

It offers advanced tools and extensions.

Typo3 offers thousands of extensions, which expand the functionality of the system. The software allows for multiple administrators and different types of content. In addition, the system lets you designate different types of users: administrators, plain users, and groups. For example, you can set different types of content for different groups of users.

Users can install extensions using the Extension Manager. To install extensions, you must have the appropriate key, which can be obtained from the official repository. Once you have the key, you can then import the extension. Afterward, you will see a success dialog and can use the extension.

It is search engine-friendly

Typo3 CMS has many features that make it search engine-friendly. For example, the CMS offers a core SEO extension that makes technical optimization easier, giving end users an out-of-the-box experience. The extension can be found in the Admin Tools or Extensions menu. It will allow you to add meta titles and meta descriptions to nodes on your website, refine URLs, and more.

SEO-friendly URLs are not built into Typo3 out of the box but are available through extensions, such as RealURL and CoolURI. If you’re using TYPO3, you should install them, so your URLs are search engine-friendly.

It is compatible across all browsers.

TYPO3 is compatible across all browsers and platforms, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Its backend includes a template module, static content from extensions, and CSS-styled content. To customize your site, you can use the default stylesheet or customize it based on your preferences.

Typo3 is designed to be user-friendly. Its advanced backend editor lets you edit and manage your content with ease. This means you’ll be able to create pages, copy and paste items using multiple clipboards, insert and move records, search for specific strings, and even add translations to your pages. Typo3 also provides a page tree-style layout, which automatically updates each page as you work.

It has a dedicated security team.

TYPO3 has a dedicated security team to help ensure your website’s security. It’s always good to back up your website’s data because you never know when a virus will strike. However, most of these attacks don’t show up immediately, so you’ll need to restore the files as soon as possible. The good news is that TYPO3 comes with a security package called “Typo3AccessChecker” that scans the security of your TYPO3 instance.

TYPO3’s dedicated security team has released security updates regularly and is constantly working on improving its security tools. If you’re worried about security issues, you can contact the security team via their Slack channel to receive regular updates. They also offer regular security news feeds and independent security audits.