SilverStripe CMS might be just the thing for you if you’re looking to create a website. Its features are easy to understand, SEO-friendly, and easy to implement. Its flexibility also makes it an attractive choice for small businesses. This CMS is built using open-source technology. It’s available for both free and paid users. And because it’s so easy to use, you can quickly build a website in minutes.

Open-source technology

The Silverstripe CMS is a free and open-source content management system for WordPress. It is built in PHP, the same language as WordPress. It offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to control the website completely. The CMS also provides split-view editing, where users can toggle between the published and draft modes. The community that Silverstripe CMS has is vast and active.

The CMS is a free beta and compatible with the Windows operating system. It also runs on a native Microsoft web server, reducing the need for third-party plugins. The latest version of Silverstripe CMS, v2.3.0, can be installed on IIS platforms, which match Apache for PHP applications on Windows. It is also compatible with many Microsoft products, making it a good option for Windows-based websites.

Easy to use

The open-source Silverstripe CMS allows for varying levels of website admin users. This gives your staff the freedom to create and edit content without worrying about breaking your website’s design. It also features workflows to ensure that your content stays on brand and on-message. It is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to manage their content and build their websites. And because Silverstripe CMS is open-source, you’ll never have to worry about paying a license fee for Silverstripe.

The interface is very easy to use with Silverstripe CMS. It features three editing modes: preview, split, and edit. You can easily switch between these modes. The CMS’s preview feature will allow you to view live page previews. Once you’ve changed your content, you can easily switch back to editing mode. This makes the process very smooth. The Silverstripe CMS is also incredibly flexible.


SEO-friendly websites have become an essential component of online marketing. Even the most beautifully programmed site is of little use without search engine visibility. Other content management systems have complex coding that can lead to security problems and lack a separation between content and programming. Silverstripe CMS is different because it makes SEO easy and enables you to customize relevant factors in your site with minimal effort. Listed below are a few of the SEO-friendly features available in Silverstripe.

SEO-friendly website design and code can help your website get indexed by Google. Using a well-written, SEO-friendly CMS is essential for a high-quality website. Using the latest versions of a CMS can help your site rank higher in search results. You can also take advantage of plugins that improve your website’s SEO-friendliness. And if you’re considering using Silverstripe CMS, you’ll be glad to know that its plugins are SEO-friendly.


There are several ways to secure your website, and one of the best is with a CMS like SilverStripe. Using the securityreport module, you can monitor who has access to which CMS features. Another useful tool is the Subsites module, which adds a column to the Users, Groups, and Permissions report. These features will help ensure your site is secure at all times.

The Silverstripe CMS comes with two asset stores, a public and a protected one. Although they are similar in function, there is a distinction between these two. You can choose which asset store to use according to the content you’d like to keep secure. Alternatively, you can configure the CMS to prefer a private or protected asset store. This way, you can set up a system where only authorized users can access protected assets. Moreover, you can create secure subfolders for protected content and use the secure asset module to restrict access to them.